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Auctions For Fund is the Charity Auctions division of Ehli Industrial, LLC.  Auctioneers since 1919,  the Ehli family of auctioneers is in the third and fourth generation of this established company.  

Over the past five years Charity Auctions or Benefit Auctions conducted for non-profit organizations has increased at a very fast pace.  The Ehli's have pioneered this service, actively working dinner auctions since 1971 and have become the leaders in the industry for this type of auction.  They are recognized as outstanding auctioneers and fundraiser's in their profession.

Each year they raise over 6 million dollars for various non-profit organizations.

Areas of Special Service

Organization Structure, Goal Setting, Accounting Procedures, Publicity, Procurement Ideas, Developing Schedules, Event Planning, Auctioneers, Bid Catchers, Clerks, MC's, Readers, Sound Systems, and General Mechanics of Events.

What satisfied clients have written............

"Your expertise and professionalism is beyond compare"
"We discovered it doesn't cost to the hire the best, it pays"
"With the same number of buyers and less merchandise than our last auction your group managed to increase our revenue by 40%.  Amazing !"
"We're looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Auctions For Fund and the Ehli Group.

Whatever your fundraising goal is "Auctions For Fund" will provide the proper training and consulting so your organization can easily obtain it's goals.  We would like to offer our professional services to advise and assist you with your next Charity Auction event.

     Please contact us for further details or to make an appointment.

Toll Free (866) 882-4882  or E-mail us at randy@auctionsforfund.com

Video of  Auctioneer Randy Ehli, 2007-2008 Northwest Auction Champion